The NHS works to complete their own initiatives and objectives but also strives to support the OHA and other local horticultural projects. Members join together for charitable work, garden tours and special events. Please explore the opportunities below and add any dates of interest to your calendar for future reference.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are required for a variety of community projects. Please contact if you are interested in helping out.


The Nepean Museum

The NHS has had a long association with the building that is currently the Nepean Museum on Rowley Street. Members have cared for the spacious garden at the side for many years - beginning with a spring cleanup, then deadheading and weeding during the summer, ending with a fall cleanup. Gardening volunteers are welcome to join the team. 

In the past few years, members have also trimmed shrubs and cared for the narrow beds between the parking lot and building at the front. 

Several NHS members garden at retirement homes, churches and schools. Members, don't forget to track your volunteer hours!

Garden Tour - G Keefe.JPG

Garden Visits & Tours

Each summer, select NHS members offer to open their gardens for visitation. It's inspiring and relaxing to see a wide variety of gardens and get to know an individual member's talents, enthusiasms or specialties. 

Garden Tours
Please contact members of the executive to suggest an interesting location to visit. Past garden tours have included: 
- M. Ladouceur's Tropical Garden
- Beechwood Cemetery (guided by the landscape specialist)
-  Upper Canada Cranberry Farm
- Galetta Roses